Governance is the system through which an organisation makes and implements decisions to pursue its goals; the implemented choices and activities can make a significant contribution to sustainable development.

Governance constitutes our institutional framework and, in order to effectively adopt strategies that respect and enhance the other two factors (Environmental and Social), it must also be guided by ethical principles in line with ESG factors.

These guidelines are particularly reflected in the Code of Ethics, a document that sets out commitments and responsibilities in conducting the Bank’s business and activities, while also defining the set of values, as well as the conduct, that must be adopted by the governing bodies, employees and, in general, by all those who work with the Bank.

Data protection

Protecting the confidentiality and security of information on individuals is a key factor in our activities, which is why we are committed to ensuring that the collection and further processing of personal data is carried out in compliance with applicable legislation.

Principles of personal data protection


  • Accessibility

    The availability of a wide range of banking services, both for obtaining information and giving instructions, allows a high degree of financial inclusion, breaking down barriers related to the need for ‘physical’ access to the Bank during opening hours.

    Tra i servizi messi a disposizione si citano a esempi i bonifici anche istantanei con regolamento immediato per la controparte, gli estratti di conto corrente in caratteri braille, la ricarica delle carte prepagate, i pagamenti F24 necessari per i versamenti di tasse, IMU, Tari, Tasi e accise, i pagamenti verso la pubblica amministrazione tramite l’applicativo “pagoPA”, che permette di pagare pure il bollo auto.


  • Work in progress

    An adaptation programme involving all of the Bank’s digital contact points is underway to pay even greater attention to people with disabilities, enabling them to use the services more easily and efficiently.


    Work in progress
  • Solidity and economic performance


    Net Profit 2021


    Despite the difficult international context, we have never failed to support the real economy, taking every measure to enable families and businesses in the areas where we operate to cope with the economic fallout of the pandemic, particularly in recent years.

    Since joining the European Single Supervisory Mechanism in 2014, we have achieved total net profits of over €1 billion with an average ROE of more than 5%.


    Solidità e performance economica