Two new branches have been opened, one in S. Donà di Piave (Venice), the other in Thiene (Vicenza)

The BPS continues its growth with the opening of two new branches in S.Donà di Piave, in the province of Venice, and another in Thiene, in the province of Vicenza.
With these latest openings, the number of branches in the north eastern region of Italy now totals ten, this region being the third highest wealth generator in Italy1.
Since 2005 other branches have already been opened in Verona, Bardolino, Peschiera del Garda, Villafranca di Verona, Padua, Vicenza, Treviso and Venice.

Thanks to its prize - winning productivity strategy, “ best in class” and by sharing its own commercial business network, The BPS and its experienced staff are moving forward with its strategic expansion in this area looking at creating long-term relations to support families and businesses as well as assisting the development of both the local economy and manufacturers. The BPS places particular emphasis on PMEs and production chains among which those of the wine and food producers , key players in the regional economic scenario.

For the BPS , that for almost 160 years has been operating as a local territorial bank, closely supporting its clientele has always been a fundamental principle in order to guarantee a service model focused on direct customer relations and constant commitment, dedicating both time and resources.
The experience gained by working side by side with local communities within the local economic fabric together with the experience, skills and strategies that foster development in business activity both home and abroad makes the BPS a key partner also in the north east of Italy, one of the most industrious areas of the country.

Mario Alberto Pedranzini, CEO and General Manager at Banca Popolare di Sondrio, said: “We are a bank that focuses on banking and in order to do our job of assisting local communities we must be present on the ground: it is for this reason that the Banca Popolare di Sondrio has decided to extend its presence in the North East concentrating on the Veneto area and extending it operations in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
This strategy goes against the market trend, if we consider that the banking system is currently oriented towards the reduction in the number of branches in order to reduce costs. We, on the other hand, are making investments in order to consolidate the bank’s digital human factor.
We are reassured by the success of the many new branch openings achieved over the years and therefore we are confident to be able to continue our mission. As a bank we wish to continue to give our contribution to the development of the entrepreneurial excellences of the Country.”

At the new Branch in San Dona’ di Piave (located in the town centre, Via Carlo Vizzotto 98,) a town of over 40.000 inhabitants, with approximately 4300 businesses including artisans industrialists and commercial businesses, our clients will be able to take advantage of a team of professionals with private meeting spaces for all kinds of consultancy as well as normal banking facilities and an ATM service with external access and night safe facilities.
As for Thiene, while awaiting the final building preparations to the Branch in Via Trento 2, which is envisaged to be operational by April 2024, the new branch will operate temporarily in Via Monte Grappa 6i offering consultancy both to businesses and private customers. With its 24,000 inhabitants this town in the Province of Vicenza is an important commercial hub in which many medium and large size business activities have their headquarters;companies involved in the following sectors: industrial, services, metallurgical , automobiles, textiles and chemicals.

1Veneto Region Statistical Report 2022

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