Banca Popolare di Sondrio and the other companies in the Group conduct their business in full compliance with the values and principles in their Code of Ethics, in full awareness that correctness, transparency, integrity and professionalism are essential conditions for sustainable economic development of the Community.

In the light of the new European regulations in the field of sustainable finance, the Bank's commitment to update its strategies and implement its processes is increasingly strong, in order to better integrate sustainability into the business, particularly regarding climate aspects.

Mission & Values


The Bank's Code of Ethics outlines the values and principles of conduct, policies and regulations governing the Bank's activities and applies to each person operating or representing the Bank directly or indirectly, contributing to the implementation of corporate social responsibility.

The Sustainability Policy, approved by the Board of Directors in 2021, is our ‘guiding’ document for integrating sustainability into the Group’s business and operations, in terms of:


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These values ​​are reflected in the 2022-2025 Business Plan which, for the first time, has been integrated with the ESG Plan and includes 5 lines of action for a more sustainable business:



In line with this path, BPS has joined the financial partnership of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP FI) and the initiatives Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) and Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA).

These memberships allow us to express our traditional values of closeness to the territory and the communities in a renewed commitment to facing contemporary challenges.

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