Strengthened by our solid founding values, we look to the future with confidence, committing ourselves to carry out our business effectively, in order to support our customers and stakeholders.

These values ​​are also reflected in the Business Plan, which enounce the perspective of a "Bank acting as a Bank", focused on its own distinctive areas, intent on growing and determined to keep high the ambition of a social sustainability.

Valore D


The enhancement of diversity and inclusion represents a priority for us, for this reason we joined “Valore D”, the first Italian association of large companies committed to promoting an inclusive corporate culture, without discrimination, capable of bringing out everyone's talent through the promotion of diversity.


Furthermore, as evidence of the growing sensitivity towards these issues, we have decided to sign Italian Banking Association Charter "Women in bank", a document supporting signatories in their commitment to equal opportunities.

Key numbers



  • ESG training


    ESG training in figures: over 50 hours provided, at least 6 hour for each ESG person, 4.5 hours provided to directors and statuatory auditors, 3 hours of ESG training for all permanent employees, 38 hours dedicate to D&I topics

  • Support for the internationalization of companies

    We offer companies numerous free initiatives which aim to share clear and up-to-date information on the opportunities offered by foreign markets, but also to help Italian companies to explore new business opportunities, in the light of the fact that international markets evolve rapidly, and economic operators must remain constantly updated to be successful.

    In total, 21 initiatives were carried out in 2023 with 2,787 participants. Internationalization initiatives are meant not only to disseminate clear and up-to-date information on the opportunities provided by foreign markets, but also to support Italian companies in reaching a wider audience, given the fast-changing nature of international markets and the need, for economic agents, to constantly update in order to succeed.

  • Nonsolobanca

    The strong link with the local area and the Community is achieved not only through traditional banking activities, but also through intensive cultural promotion activities.

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  • ESG suppliers assessment

    In line with the definitions outlined in the 2022-2025 Industrial Plan, in 2023 we launched a project to assess the sustainability performance of our suppliers. A representative sample of 80% of the turnover towards the Bank was used.

  • Remuneration policies

    Since 2023, the Remuneration Policies for senior management are linked to the achievement of the following ESG goals:

    • ESG ratings: ensuring a solid positioning of the Bank in the main ESG ratings;
    • ESG credit and finance: expanding the offering of ESG products and related volumes;
    • ESG bonds: increasing the Bank’s ESG funding activity with new green and social bond issues;
    • CO2 emissions: reducing direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2 and 3) emissions;
    • ESG initiatives: joining international initiatives relating to environmental and social Sustainability;
    • ESG training: integrating sustainability related issues into corporate training programs based on a comprehensive and wide-ranging approach.

    As of 2024, the proposed Remuneration Policies submitted for Shareholders’ approval at the General Meeting provide for the increase in the percentage of ESG parameters from 5% to 10% and the replacement of the “achievement of training hours in the ESG area” with the “completion of the Operational Plan on Diversity and Inclusion” parameter.