Green Bonds are financial instruments whose proceeds are intended to finance or refinance environmentally sustainable projects/assets. In July 2021 we placed on the international market dedicated to institutional investors our first Senior Preferred Green Bond, which was followed by a Senior Preferred issue in September 2023.

In support of the issuance, following the market practice, we have published the Green Bond Framework, in alignment with the 2021 ICMA (International Capital Market Association) Green Bond Principles. The document has recently been updated to reflect a more stringent approach to the selection of eligible assets and the innovations in the management of sustainability issues that took place within our institution.

To give our stakeholders the opportunity to receive a complete and timely information on the allocation of financial resources collected and the positive environmental impacts arising from the activities financed, we publish the Green Bond Report annually.

All documentation related to the operation can be found in the EMTN section at the following link:

The key numbers of BPS’s first Senior Preferred Green Bond:

a snapshot of the portfolio as of May 31, 2023

Number of Loans
Number of Loans


Look-back period > 2018
Look-back period

> 2018

Avoided GHG emissions
Avoided GHG emissions

63,000 tCO2eq

Financed assets located in Italy and Switzerland
Financed assets located in

Italy and Switzerland